Sunday, November 24, 2013

Varroa Destructor Treatment with Oxyalic acid Vaporiser

With the weather cooling down I thought I would give my new vaporiser a go. I had  my buddy Alan to video the proceedings. It was about 7 degrees centigrade. Perfect conditions, with the breeze blowing from behind up, so all vapour blowing away from us!  Bees were much less grumpy this week as it was a little bit cooler. less of a welcoming party!!

Heres the video

Ok so if you want to buy one of these its on sale by mailing

I think it was about £80 including p and p  so as far as i am concerned its money well very well spent.
I treated the first half of my hives last week and i didnt remove the wooen tray i inserted under the hive and to my great surprise the mite count was teriffic! and thats only after the first treatment.
If you zoom in on the pictures you can even see the mites feet! Cracking pic i thought. It is worth saying too that i could have covered over the hive entrance once more. after removing the vaporiser, and waited aother couple of minutes, but i think in general, its pretty efective!
Thanks to Alan for doing the video!

You can see the mites very clearly. They are the shiny black/red dots.

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