Friday, March 20, 2015

Nuc Roof protection and late spring.

Late spring?

Lots happening here and struggling to get all my equipment finished in time for the season, which thankfully, is a little late in warming up. we have a nagging easterly wind, but i don't really mind, its the first "longish" dry spell we have had all winter and its great for outside work!
Spring is being rebalanced this year. Its already 3 weeks later than last year, which may give us a good honey crop. By the time the nectar flow starts, we may have some decent numbers of bees to gather up some nectar! fingers crossed.
I have checked inside all my colonies and only lost 2 out of 47 colonies, so very pleased with that. thats a very small percentage winter loss.
I have also removes 2 frames of honey from each end of my honey production colonies, and one from my nucs, as theres just too much honey in the colonies, which in turn would result in swarming  and theres just going to be no room in the brood nest! I may even remove more frames and substitute for new ones if we suddenly get in to a heavy flow and the bees have no space.
I am not using a queen excluder this spring, and giving the queen unlimited room in the hive, and also reversing my brood box with one super if necessary. its all about space for the queen.

Frames from the extremities of the brood nest full of honey!

I might have eggs in my supers but at least I won't have my bees hanging from the trees! think about it, whats the best option for you??

My Nucs are building up well, quicker than the main colonies, so will be swapping queens over when it warms up a little more, but while the brood area is a bit smaller, making finding queens a little more easier.

Roofs for Nucs

So heres a little video i did to show how I cover my roofs on my hives and nuc boxes.  A bit of fun.

Still time to make up Nucs, you can never have too many!!